beauduc beach in camargueClose to the Beauduc lighthouse, Beauduc beach is located around twenty-five miles south of Arles. It can be reached from a track which begins in Salins-de-Giraud.
The hour-long journey is a true adventure in itself, a route along a bumpy trail that cuts through the marshes. Featuring heavily in Beauduc folklore, but in danger of soon disappearing as they have now been declared illegal, the local cabanons (small cabins) were built by visitors from Arles from the 1950s on. The cabanons can range from static caravans to small houses encircled by fences. The cabanier community has even been the subject of an ethnographic study!
The beach is a true paradise for surfers and kite-surfers. Feel free to pitch a tent and enjoy several days relaxing here, gathering tellines from the sea for an apéritif (don't forget to bring fresh water), and eating around a barbecue.

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