Camargue local produce

paellaCamargue salt

Whitened and crystallised under the Camargue sun, Camargue salt is produced on site in Aigues-Mortes.
You can enjoy this authentic product in both its unrefined and refined forms, or even as la fleur de sel (natural sea salt harvested by hand), a delicacy which used to be reserved for the local landowners and master salt manufacturers.

Camargue bulls

Reared in marshland zones, and known as the ‘Lord of Camargue’, meat from Camargue bulls is generally consumed in the form of sausages or gardianne stews. The meat has ’Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC)’ status.

Camargue rice

The Camargue’s rice fields play a paellavery important rôle in the desalinisation of the water from the delta, and therefore in the fragile balance between salt water and fresh water in the area.
Cultivated in an entirely natural environment, sun-drenched and exposed to the winds, this rice is made according to very quality guidelines, and is a fabulous addition to any dish, sweet or savoury. Used in many traditional Camargue recipes, this rice forms the basis of everything from local paellas and salades camarguaises, to stuffed vegetables and, more exotically, sushi.

Camargue asparagus

Cultivated in the sandy grounds of the Gard, Camargue asparagus, whether white or green, benefits from the richness of local soil, and never fails to delight even the most discerning palates.
Whether of the Célestine, Sauvageonne or Asperges d’Oc variety, asparagus from the Camargue region is highly regarded and recognised by all gourmets as a quality product.