Camargue horses

Small and robust, with light grey coats, only those horses reared in a manade (outdoors, and as part of a herd, in pastures of at least fifty acres), may be given the ‘Camargue’ appellation. Camargue horses are reputed for their remarkable ability to adapt to any environment, their keen intelligence and their resistance to the elements. This breed of horse provides the best way of journeying through the marshes and marshlands of Camargue, and it has become the ideal working companion of the gardian, which is why it features in so many festivities. Every year, the Festival du Cheval is organised in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer and at the Domaine Paul Ricard in Méjanes. They offer colourful shows and festivities, notably with the famous Route du Sel.

camargue horses

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